IN HIM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL - "Equiping the saints for the work of the ministry"
Our Friends Spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom in Europe
In Ministries is dedicated to networking ministries around the world and supporting them in prayer. For more information on each ministry click on their picture to take you to their web page or email.
Charity Church, Hanau, Germany

The Holy Spirit put a deep love for the people of Charity Church in Hanau embedding it deep within the heart of Pastor Karol. Charity Church in Germany is her home away from home in Europe.

Bishop Sony Okpekpe is the senior pastor overseeing this congregation who are destined to possess the Western Gate of Germany and the Gateway to Europe and the nations beyond. Moving with the Spirit of God in prophetic teaching and worship creating an atmosphere for the Fire of God to consume the people bringing salvation and healing to the Body of Christ is one desire.

From Faith to Faith to the Nations
Mark Irvin was called by the Lord and take the gospel to the Nations and he is doing just that through the Internet and by personally preaching and teaching in the EU and nations such as Israel and India. 
As Mark has said,"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...and these signs shall follow them that believe." This is what I could see but how? Now I know the direction and the how and for this FFFN Internet site comes to you. Through the there are no limits to the nations that we can go to. Russia, China, America, Germany, Austria, Spain, HERE WE COME!!

And Mark and his wife Raphaela have come through the Internet bringing their church services both through MP3 downloads and live streaming. What a tool for Church Pioneering!

Kingdom  Life


Pastors Richard and Francis Morschel from South Africa and Scotland oversee KINGDOM LIFE CHURCH in downtown Frankfurt. They are dedicated to bringing Heaven to earth through the ministry of praise and worship and signs and wonders through the laying on of hands. To all who come to the well of life at Kingdom Life will not leave thirsty.

Living Stones Revival Centre, Birmingham UK
Pastors Gary and Lorita Bryden
Integrating a multi-cultural establishment of Christ-led outreach ministries throughout greater Birmingham, the Midlands and even to the ends of the earth where - through the one true gospel - people will be evangelized, and cared for.
Training and then releasing every member back into society as a minister of the Gospel of Reconciliation reach the lost, the poor, the broken-hearted, the prisoner, the blind and the oppressed. Restoring all Christ-like values and morals to our Communities."

At Living Stones, we do not believe in the doctrines of men, but we do believe in the fullness of the promise of God where the Truth of Jesus is paramount; where only the One True Gospel and where people are serious about serving and worshiping the Living God.
We are a family church that has been placed in this City to proclaim the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. We welcome every Nation, and Tongue, to serve, worship and grow with us. We are a church of over 30 different nations, who have found the love and common ground of the Gospel.
Our Vision is God-given, our hearts are pure, we are purpose driven and passionate about Jesus. If you come peaceably to help us, our hearts will be united with you and we can run together.

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